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    Banya is one of the oldest villages in Razlog valley. Some of the monuments of the village are the Roman bath and the old renaissance homes.

    The village of Banya lies 4 km. to the east of the town of Razlog and about at the same distance to the north of the popular Bansko ski center and its mountain resort.

    Banya is rich in mineral waters of temperature ranging between 37 and 57 degrees Celsius that are used for spa, recreational and industrial purposes

    The village is currently undergoing massive development into a spa and mountain resort with plenty of new hotels, restaurants and other tourist facilities emerging each season.

    The entertainment activities include winter sports, summer mountain transitions, swimming in natural warm mineral water (57° C), riding, wine tasting or shopping. The communication with local friendly population allows you to take part and enjoy the life in Banya and the area around.

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